SIGN Istanbul



The post-show report of the 19th International Advertising and Digital Printing Technologies Fair SIGN Istanbul, which was organized by İFO Fair Organization with the support of the Turkish Ministry of Economy from October 4th to 8th, has been published. According to the report, 368 exhibitors put their innovations on display at the 19th edition of the fair that attracted dense interest of the participants from the sector during the five day event. 81 percent of the exhibitors indicated that the event was very useful for them. The event hosted 21.881 professionals, of whom 2.798 were international visitors, mostly working in the position of purchasing decision makers and came from 69 different countries. The record of visitors at SIGN Istanbul 2017 that was broken last year has been renewed at this year’s edition and the event played host to purchase of machines worth of millions of Turkish Liras and new cooperation agreements. At least 8 out of 10 visitors was satisfied with the fair, which also saw a significant increase in the number of visitors coming particularly from the Balkans and CIS countries. The 20th edition of SIGN Istanbul will take place from September 20th to 23rd, 2018.

SIGN Istanbul 2017 hosted the biggest event of the sector in Eurasia!

According to the post-show report of SIGN Istanbul, which is the biggest fair in its own field in Eurasia, 33 percent of the visitors of the fair that was organized in October last year consisted of Digital Printing Centers, 32 percent was Industrial Advertising Producers and the rest of the visitors was Textile Producers, Printing Houses, Producers & Importers of Machines and Materials, Advertising SMEs, Architects & Engineers and Retail Sellers of Materials.

SIGN Istanbul 2017 attracted dense interest mostly from the sector professionals coming particularly from the Balkans and CIS countries this year. The top 10 countries that sent the highest number of visitors were Turkey, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Iran, Albania, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Greece and Tunisia.

More than half of the exhibitors of SIGN İstanbul have already booked for 2018 edition!

According to the announced post-show report of SIGN İstanbul 2017, 71% of 368 exhibitors rated the fair as ‘‘very good’’ and ‘‘good’’ while 81% rated the fair as very efficient for them. 52% of the exhibitors have already booked for the next edition of the fair.

In addition to the innovations exhibited, the fair also played host to the sales of machines worth of millions of Turkish Liras and cooperation agreements among the participants thanks to the commercial atmosphere created during the event. The conference schedule of the fair set the agenda of the sector once again and attracted dense interest of the participants. As part of SIGN Istanbul conferences, comprehensive occupational health and safety sessions were also organized with the support of TİGUDER (All Occupational Safety Experts Association) with regard to the industrial advertising applications, innovations in 3D printing technologies and actual issues of the industrial advertising sector.

For more information about the result report of SIGN İstanbul 2017, you can visit the website www.signistanbul.com.