“Technology Fest” by Lidya Group at SIGN İstanbul 2017

“Technology Fest” by Lidya Group at SIGN İstanbul 2017

Lidya Group, the pioneer of the printing technology sector, presents million-dollar digital printing machines at SIGN Istanbul 2017. As the Turkish distributor of the leading global brands in printing technology such as Xerox, Epson, and EFI, Lidya Group will display its products at SIGN İstanbul 2017 - 19th International Advertising Industry and Digital Printing Technologies Fair from 4-8 October at TÜYAP. In its exhibition area of 308 square meters, Lidya offers visitors a technology fest where they would be introduced to the latest technology in global digital printing sector.

“Investment Appetite” to grow in the last four months of the year

Lidya Group CEO Bekir Öz notes that the last four months of this year will witness a revival in the printing market: “The first four months of the year displayed an accelerated growth whereas we witnessed stagnation during the second four months. For various reasons, including the rise in exchange rates, summer holiday, and the unfavorable conditions in our region, investment plans have been shifted to the last four months of the year. Following the boom that started in September and extended into October, the investment appetite of the investors seems to be on the rise again. We will announce our great projects soon after signing contracts with our partners in next days. It appears that this year Lidya Group is to achieve a higher rate of growth than expected. Thanks to the visionary management and business model we follow, we will have recorded a growth rate of 30-35 percent by the end of the year.”

Lidya Group’s London Office to be operated in 2018

Bekir Öz announced that in 2018 Lidya Group is starting to operate abroad: “We have been pursuing global opportunities in printing solutions. We conduct regional, marketing and product researches. Next year with the opening of the London office, we will give start to our international operations. We would like to extend our knowledge, experience and achievements in Turkey to global markets. We plan to extend our operations to European, Middle Eastern and African countries.”

High-tech products of 3 brands in display

As for the products to be displayed at SIGN İstanbul 2017, Öz stated: “During the exhibition we will be displaying million-dollar high-tech digital printing machines. We present a live demo for EFI GS3250LXPro. The affordable and high-quality product range of Epson is to be available for visitors’ examination. The fair will also host launching of Xerox models from within 29 technological product families.”

Presentation of LPM project

Bekir Öz added that they will share the details of their LPM project at SIGN 2017: “The exhibition will also serve as an occasion for the presentation of LPM (Lidya Print Management) that we have recently developed. LPM offers a wide range of software solutions from selection of the right and efficient equipment to its right injection into the organization. The gist of business life is right management. For this reason, Lidya Group is not only concerned with equipment sales or services but also with offering solutions for efficient use of the sold products. The fact is that clients now demand not only copying or printing machines but also personalized applications or “smart multifunction.”

Attractive price offers during the fair

Lidya Group Graphic Arts Sales Manager Adem Öz underlined that they would offer attractive prices in all product segments during the fair: "Until the recent past, international fairs held abroad were the only places for us to closely examine the high-tech printing machines. However Lidya Group has pioneered a radical change, and now in our exhibition stand of 308 square meters, we display a wide range of latest technologies in digital printing, including EFI GS3250LXPro, EFI H1625, Epson SC-S80610, Epson SC-S60610, Epson SC-S40610, Epson SC-T7200MFP, Epson SC-T5200, Epson SC-P10000, and Xerox Versant 80, D125, B7030 and C7025. We will exhibit at the fair with our whole team in Istanbul headquarters and our regional offices. This year we expect both more visitors and higher returns. During the fair, we also hope to finalize negotiations that we have been holding with our partners with signature of contracts. We invite our clients to visit us at our stand in order to closely examine our wide product range. We also offer attractive price alternatives in all product segments during the whole fair.”

Successful projects by Lidya Group in document solutions

Lidya Group, founded in Istanbul in 2001, consists of 4 nationwide companies, and 5 regional offices in Turkey. With its nearly 100 specialized staff members, Lidya has a successful record of document solution projects. Having entered into the market as one of the biggest partners of Xerox, Lidya Group has displayed a continuous and remarkable growth in its sector thanks to its sound financial base, local organization and qualified staff.

Beyond the provision of products and services, Lidya Group is dedicated to undertake creative and visionary projects. Well aware of the importance of offering the best product, solution and service for the clients in decreasing document production costs, Lidya adopts a client-oriented approach in all stages extending from conversion of knowledge into document to document processing and conservation. In this sense, Lidya Group is able to provide full service in document solutions. Authorized in April 2012 as the sole Turkish distributor of Epson, Lidya Group was also assigned as the single distributor in CAD internal/external screen printing market. In 2016, the Group extended its Epson product range further by including photo printing machines. In November 2015, as part of its accelerating investment projects in Turkey, EFI decided to collaborate with Lidya in wide format printing machines market. As representative of Xerox, Epson and EFI in different product groups in Turkey, the Group has been able to couple its continual success in corporate market and graphic arts with multiple brand strategy since 2001. Lidya continues to produce creative projects integrating hardware with software.