Suppliers back SIGN Istanbul as event to meet new clients!

Suppliers back SIGN Istanbul as event to meet new clients!

“The 18th edition of SIGN Istanbul, the sector's biggest annual event in Eurasia, will take place September 29th– October 2nd. Many world-renowned brands have already confirmed their presence at this major industry gathering. Micron America will present its latest products at SIGN Istanbul 2016 which is expected to attract 450 supplier companies from 32 countries this year. In addition BRK Makine also recognises SIGN Istanbul as one of the most important events to reach out to new clients.

Preparations are continuing for SIGN Istanbul 2016 which will be held over 30,000 sqm area at Tüyap Beylikdüzü. Many companies looking to introduce their latest technologies and products to the sector, expand into new markets and grow their client portfolio have already confirmed their stands, with many reserving extra space over previous years.

Micron America Tekstil, one of the exhibitors of SIGN Istanbul 2016, has identified the fair as “an event that complies with European standards” and will present its MICRON brand products and machines to visitors. BRK Makine has been producing CNC cutting tools since 2009 and is preparing to exhibit BRK CNC that has carbide (diamond) milling cutter properties and Hufscmied brand products at SIGN Istanbul 2016, an event that enables exhibitors to reach out to new clients.

“SIGN Istanbul is an important fair for bringing together professionals from various sectors”

Tecpro considers that SIGN Istanbul is a very important fair for the development of the sector in Turkey as it brings together many professionals from various sectors and user groups. Tecpro will display its latest innovations in textile dyes and machines and will also display the products and services of Wasatch which it distributes. Also they will showcase the sublimation textile printers of Epson during the fair. Robart Makine, a local producer of laser technologies for the sector, chooses SIGN Istanbul 2016 as an opportunity to expand into new markets and will exhibit its latest laser cutting and marking machines on its stand.

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