SIGN Istanbul, the 22nd Advertising Industry and Digital Printing Technologies Trade Fair, takes place on September 9 - 12!

At its 2019 event, SIGN Istanbul hosted a total of 23,516 professional visitors, with nearly 300 exhibitors from 21 countries, including Italy, Germany, Belgium, Croatia, and Egypt. This year, SIGN Istanbul, the sector’s global meeting in Turkey – the centre of a trade network stretching from the Balkans to the Caucasus and from the Middle East to North Africa – will bring together more than 350 companies, including the world’s leading brands, with approximately 25,000 domestic and international commercial buyers.

Thanks to the Ministry’s international promotion support, even more buyers will attend SIGN Istanbul 2021!

The Republic of Turkey Ministry of Trade included SIGN Istanbul – the leading fair of the region in its field – within the scope of its support in 2021. The Ministry contributes to the maximum efficiency of exhibiting companies at the Fair with both promotional support and the Hosted Buyer Program. SIGN Istanbul 2021, which has reached many more buyers worldwide with the backing of the Ministry's procurement committee program and international promotion support, will host thousands of qualified visitors on a global scale.

Exhibitors and visitors are safe with “Trust Tarsus”.

Tarsus Türkiye, conducting face-to-face events in the safest possible way, takes all necessary measures to ensure that SIGN Istanbul 2021 exhibitors and visitors enjoy a healthy organization. With “TRUST TARSUS”, Tarsus Türkiye has implemented a series of processes. The precautionary package, prepared based on the directives of the WHO, Turkey Ministry of Health as well as the operational guidelines from sectoral unions such as SISO, IAEE, UFI and AEO, aims to ensure that everyone participating in the four-day SIGN Istanbul 2021 event, stays safe.

Promotion Manufacturers are on the “Street” again!

This year, SIGN Istanbul 2021 again hosts Promotion Street. At the event, held in cooperation with the Promotion and Printing Industrialists’ Businessmen's Association (PROMASİAD), the exhibitors will present design and application examples of hundreds of products used in almost every field of life, from notebooks to pens and agendas, from bags to key chains, and from watches to mobile chargers.