Press Releases - SIGN Istanbul


  • 24 December 2019

    The 22nd International SIGN Istanbul takes place from September 9-12, 2021!

    Bringing the world of industrial advertising and digital printing to the heart of Eurasia every year, SIGN Istanbul opens its doors for the 22nd time from September 9 to 12, 2021. Held by Tarsus Turkey at Tüyap Beylikdüzü, in Istanbul, the Fair brings the sector’s manufacturers, suppliers, exporters and importers together with advertising companies and agencies, digital printing centres, printing companies, textile manufacturers, architects, engineers, material retail vendors, promotion merchandisers, academics, and leading new and current purchasers from around the world.

  • 4 October 2019

    SIGN Istanbul 2019: Record Increase in Overseas Buyers

    The number of buyers attending SIGN Istanbul 2019 increased at a record level this year. The 21st edition of the renowned International Industrial Advertising and Digital Printing Technologies Fair, organised by Tarsus Turkey, hosted 300 exhibiting companies from 30 countries, including Turkey, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Croatia and Egypt. SIGN Istanbul 2019 also saw a significant rise in the number of attendees, with 3,296 buyers attending from overseas, increasing the number of overseas buyers at a record level. The fair put 23,516 buyers together with 300 exhibitors in a 30,000 m2 exhibition space. Once again, SIGN Istanbul raised the bar for events in the world of industrial advertising and digital printing.

  • 6 August 2019

    Breakthrough LED technologies in the lighting industry at SIGN İstanbul 2019!

    Practical, economic and attractive, both temporary and permanent LED lighting systems have set a new standard across homes and commercial venues, from factories to hospitals, and from street to event illumination. SIGN İstanbul 2019 features a highly diverse range of innovative LED products, including those designed for the advertising industry, such as LED systems, panels and displays, as well as industrial LED lighting and strip and bar LEDs. The latest technologies in environment-friendly LED lighting systems offer a series of advantages, including low energy consumption, long lifespan and durability.

  • 30 July 2019

    The Fair presents exciting opportunities for the industrial advertising and printing industry

    Representatives from the industrial advertising and digital printing sector - which imports a significant portion of machinery, materials, equipment and technologies - see September’s Fair as an opportunity to increase sales, establish new alliances and conclude large-scale trade agreements. SIGN Istanbul, held by Tarsus Turkey for the 21st time this year, is the largest fair in Eurasia for the sector and presents a digital printing and industrial advertising market worth billions of dollars, as well as new cooperation channels opened by Turkey across the Middle East, the Balkans, Central Asia and North Africa.

  • 30 July 2019

    The promotions industry at SIGN Istanbul!

    SIGN Istanbul, the International Trade Fair for Industrial Advertising and Digital Printing Technologies, is also hosting leading companies in the promotions industry. In its 21st edition this year, the Fair, by Tarsus Turkey, hosts direct producers and suppliers of promotional materials and the newest applications, including engraved porcelain, glass, fabric, wood and plastic, as well as digital printing and laser technologies.

  • 9 July 2019

    Industrial Advertisers Meet In Istanbul In September!

    Industrial advertisers meet at the 21st International SIGN Istanbul Fair, to be held in September. The Fair will host Turkey's leading companies, as well as the sector’s latest designs and innovative applications from global brands. Get ready for solutions to the industrial advertisement needs of all sectors, especially SMEs - from banks to healthcare providers, from tourism facilities to retail stores, and from fuel stations to auto dealers.

  • 9 July 2019

    Innovations in digital textile printing machines at SIGN Istanbul 2019!

    The International SIGN Istanbul, organized for the 21st time by Tarsus Turkey, will host digital technologies in textile printing. At the Fair, the world's leading digital printing machine manufacturers will present innovative solutions to the Turkish textile industry that minimize printing costs by increasing print quality in both high-volume products and customized designs.

  • 3 June 2019

    The global digital printing sector will be worth 29 billion dollars in 2023, meet with the industry leaders in Istanbul!

    According to new Global research, the value of the digital printing market, which was worth over 22 billion dollars in 2017, is expected to reach 29 billion dollars in 2023.

  • 20 May 2019

    Thousands of buyers from Anatolia will be visiting the biggest in Eurasia!

    SIGN İstanbul, International Advertising Industry and Digital Printing Technologies Trade Fair is organized by Tarsus Turkey. On its 21st anniversary, SIGN İstanbul will be opening its doors in September 19th – 22nd. 22 thousand 500 professional visitors, most are direct buyers, are expected at the Eurasia’s biggest industry meeting, supported by the Ministry of Trade.

  • 26 April 2019

    The Heart of Industrial Trade beats at SIGN İstanbul!

    Leading buyers from across Anatolia will attend the fair as part of the newly announced Hosted Buyer Program, launched for the first time at SIGN İstanbul 2019.