MAT Kağıtçılık A.Ş. Introduces the innovations to the Outdoor Advertising World at Sign Istanbul 2014

MAT Kağıtçılık A.Ş. Introduces the innovations to the Outdoor Advertising World at Sign Istanbul 2014

Mat Kağıtçılık A.Ş. will exhibit all its new products at Hall 12 Stand no E30 at the 16th Sign İstanbul Fair.

Mat Kağıtçılık A.Ş. will introduce the products of all world brands that it represents with the advertising producers, outdoor media agencies, advertisers and advertising agencies from all over the world at the ‘Sign Istanbul 16th International Industrial Advertising and Digital Printing Technologies Fair’ at the Beylikdüzü Tüyap Fair and Congress Center on September 11 to 14, 2014 in its new place and on its new date as every year and exhibit its latest products and technologies to the visitors at the stand.

You can find below summarized explanations about the products, brands, models and machines at the stand of Mat Kağıtçılık A.Ş. which always presents its latest technology products to the Digital Printing and Outdoor Advertising Sector.

HP Latex 3000

With Hp Latex 3000 model which is identified as the 3rd Generation of LATEX technology and which is truly appropriate for industrial production concept, you can make high quality indoor and outdoor prints with color saturation and 6 colors + Optimizer and up to 320 cm printing width and capability of fitting double roll. New generation Latex 3000 paints which can offer 3 year outdoor resistance without lamination and 5 year outdoor resistance with lamination are now more resistant to outdoor conditions and its resistance to scratches has been enhanced.
With the new 3rd Generation LATEX paint technology, you can make prints on outdoor materials that have higher resistant to scratches, exhaust and water than solvent machines.
Your prints are resistant for 5 years without lamination and for 10 years with lamination in indoor applications.
You can get 1200 dpi high resolution with 12 picoliter point size. You can make sharp prints and scripts that can be read up to 4 font size.
You can make impressive prints on many large size medias.
As the prints made with HP Latex ink contain very low VOCs (variable organic constituents), there is no need for special ventilation in the printing environment. As there is no dangerous materials or dangerous waste label on the consumables of the machine, you can use them safely. It is possible to recycle as a result of material consumption with carton cartridge box.
As the new developed 3rd Generation Latex Inks do not contain hazardous particles (HAPs) that cause ozone emission and air pollution, all requirements of the specification in all leading health certifications including the Nordic Swan are fulfilled.

You can make indoor quality works in 77 m2/s printing mode by consuming 9 kw power in the renewed heating unit.

Thanks to the spectrophotometer located next to the printing heads of the machine, you can achieve excellent color accuracy in all your prints and the calibration adjustments of your prints are automatically carried out.

With the Optimizer developed to achieve high quality accuracy at high speeds, you can make high quality applications at 180 m2/h speeds.

You will meet with increased speed and printing strength through the HP Wide Scan printing technology
7 printing heads in the machine have more than 70.000 nozzles. It allows you to make indoor and outdoor prints in the fastest way by operating in combination with the HP patented optic media accurate moving sector ‘OMAS’. As opposed to other machines in which solvent ink is used, HP Latex 3000 printing machine uses water based HP Latex ink and HP Wide Scan printing head and does not require manual printing head maintenance that should be made daily. As the independent printing heads can be changed by the user easily, it does not cause loss of work and service costs.
With its 5 liter ink tanks and total 160 kg media capacity, frequency of media and material replacement is less.

New HP Latex 300 series

There are 3 model machines in the new developed Hp Latex 300 series. The 3rd generation paint properties that start with Hp Latex 3000 are now applied to Latex 300 series.

“New Hp Latex 300 series will be the starting point of an unstoppable growth for you.”

Be Unstoppable …

You can increase your business opportunities with high quality, unrivalled and versatile prints at high speeds with 162 cm and 137 cm width as well as various indoor and outdoor applications.

Shortly, easy-to-use and reliable HP Latex 300 series machines have the following properties.

Grow your business and increase your capacity with Hp Latex 360 …

3rd generation Latex technology with 1,62 m width, high speed and quality,

With Hp Latex 330, grow your business not your budget…

Cost-effective 3rd generation Latex technology with 1,62 m width,

With Hp Latex L310, grow your business not your Shop area…

3rd generation Latex technology with 1,37 m width for small working areas,

As compared to light solvent or Eco solvent inks, you can make more resistant outdoor advertising boards, bus stops and on-vehicle advertising etc. You can get high quality results for indoor applications from exhibition graphics to indoor decoration.

Water-based new 3rd generation HP Latex Inks do not require danger warning label and are not inflammable, ignitable and do not require special ventilation in the working environment.

You can make odor-free prints that allow you to exhibit your printed products indoor areas where odor is important.

HP Latex inks that make a big contribution to reducing work completion period with completely dry and ready-to-apply prints create a solid film layer with full drying on the printed material immediately after being taken out from the printer.

Printed material can be immediately sent to the lamination coating area and to the packaging or cargo for final operations.

ZÜND G3 XL-3200 Digital Cutting System

ZÜND G3 cutting systems are not only modular with their structure, base and optional equipment but also with many other aspects.
ZÜND G3 cutting systems are an integral part of the applications to be made in the work completion and industrial design projects in the production departments of the companies operating in advertising sector as well as the entire machinery in production and ensure that the various cutting needs of companies are smoothly met.

Your benefit; it will generate guaranteed benefit now and in the future.

“In this system which can operate with all Latex models, you will cut your labor costs and improve your total work quality quickly.”

EUROLAZER Laser Cutting System

Our powerful laser systems are designed in accordance with your industrial and artistic needs.  
Modular construction that consists of high quality ingredients ensures high quality even in the toughest applications.

Media products to be exhibited by Mat Kağıtçılık A.Ş.:

  •  Avery Graphics Self-Adhesive Products
    “Avery Dennison products that are compatible with the machines operating in all digital printing sector”
  • JAC self-adhesive screenprinting products,
    “You can see and review the products of JAC, which is a known brand in the screenprinting sector.”
  • Ahlstrom Wall Papers
    “You can see the products of Ahlstrom EasyLife Wall Papers in various textures that are compatible with all Hp Latex digital printing machines.”
  • DHJ DECOPRİNT Lighting Textile Products
    “Textile products that are suitable for digital printing with the developing digital printing technology, ease of use, quality and price performance to meet superior quality expectations.”

New Representations and New Products

  • Re-Board
    Re-Board products are those materials used with versatility in advertising sector today. It is 100% recyclable, resistant, lightweight and practical to use. It generates excellent production results in UV digital printing machines and digital cutting machines.
  • KATZ Display Board
    As an alternative to the foam PVC products, KATZ Display Board products are 100% recyclable, lightweight and cost-effective. They can be used in all display and turncard (hanger) and POP productions. They can also be used in UV digital printing machines and digital cutting machines. It ensures standard production with thickness of 1.2 mm, 1.6 mm, 2.00 mm, 3.00 mm and 5.00 mm.