SIGN Istanbul

Liteks will display its brand Pesent’e on the 20th anniversary of SIGN İstanbul

Founded in 1986, Liteks has worked sports wear technical coatings oriented. In the following years of its establishment, Liteks has become a company manufacturing technical textiles and returning the customer requests quickly by making investments in the direction of customer demands and market needs. Pesent'e, whose production takes place in İstanbul, is the brand of Liteks Textile Company in the area of digital printing canvas and artist canvas. Sold in more than 30 countries, Pesent’e will be displayed by Liteks on its stand no K-22 in hall 14 at SIGN İstanbul 2018.

Names of the brands which will be displayed at the fair:

Pesent’e Digital Printing Canvas Fabrics

Technical specs of the products which will be displayed at the fair:

100% cotton, 100% polyester, cotton / polyester, 100% linen canvases which are compatible with all kinds of inks that are used in inkjet printing machines.

New Pigment Canvases with the code numbers Digi Premium1664 & Digi 1644 which have instant dry, compatible with pigment inks, high print quality and a clean white surface.

Double sided printable pigment canvas and DYE based canvases which’s surface are coated with several different Neon colors.