SIGN Istanbul

Gravotech starts the countdown to showcasing their latest products at SIGN İstanbul

With over 30 years of experience in the industrial marking sector and over 40,000 installed machines Gavotech have intergrated the marking function with traceability and identification in production lines worldwide.

Gravotech designs, produces and delivers innovative engraving, marking and traceability solutions. The group also creates software solutions for design modelling and graphic drawings. Gravoteknik will showcase their latest products at SIGN Istanbul on their stand in Hall 14, booth K-26.

Brands to be Showcased at SIGN İstanbul 2019:

Gravograph / Type3

Product Specifications:

Gravotech will be showcasing;

·Co2 lasers, CNC machinery, supplies and materials used in indoor and outdoor signage, Braille

·Plexi, laser cutting and engraving on wood, indoor and outdoor signage, name badges and labels for advertising agencies,

·Stamps, promotional products, and plaques for blueprint companies,

·Braille application for buildings, streets and hospitals for contractors

·Machinery labels, in-factory signage, precautionary labels, safety signage for industrial companies.