FiberLAST will be launching its new ENERGY series at SIGN Istanbul

FiberLAST will be launching its new ENERGY series at SIGN Istanbul

FiberLAST is a high-tech R&D company located in METU Technopolis whose main aim is to provide added value to Turkey in its core and strategic Fiber Laser Technologyby making good use of the high-tech capability created by an experienced team that is employinga wealth of information and technical infrastructure, established with the help of financial governmental supportin developing Unique, Native and National lasers that are needed by the Defense Industry, starting with the Laser Weapon Project.

With the establishment of FiberLAST, the first R&D studies in the Fiber Laser area were conducted by a local industrial company in Turkey and with the help of government financial support provided through Tübitak, Kosgeb and Santez, the first fiber laser system that is perfectly capable of competing in the national and global market, was developed without any means of reverse engineering completely uniquely, designed and manufactured into an end product. The fiber laser system developed uniquely by FiberLAST is the first product in Turkey which also happens to be one of a few in the global market.

Their current product portfolio consists of Nanosecond Pulsed Fiber Lasers from 20W to 50W. It is also one of the technological capabilities of FiberLAST to design and produce custom Ultrafast Fiber Laser Systems that meet the exact specifications required by the end user’s laser application.

The Models to be Demonstrated During the Exhibition:

ENERGY Series Products to be Launched

FLAST-NanoMARK-Energy Series Fiber Laser Marking System

The Features of the Products to be Demonstrated During the Exhibition:

20W ­FLAST-NanoMARK-Energy Series Fiber Laser Marking System

50W ­FLAST-NanoMARK-Energy Series Fiber Laser Marking System

Besides being the first and only native fiber laser, their products have

Small footprints,

Long service lives up to 100.000 working hours,

No consumables,

No maintenance,

Highly reliable and suitable to work 24/7,

Low energy consumption,

High beam quality,

Capability of surface processing with high sensitivity,

Modular design,

Air-cooling infrastructure.

These products were seen worthy of receiving highly prestigious local Technology Awards from reputable institutions such as Tübitak, TESİD and METU Mustafa Parlar Foundation.

Comments on the Exhibition:

FiberLAST are happy to participate again in this prestigious and reputable event that brought very successful and positive outcomes to their company last year. The event was highly satisfactory in both the sense of the number and the profile of the visitors last year. The company will meet its visitors on their stand K-11 in Hall 14.